Wangiri Spam Report

Hiya analyzed more than two million suspicious calls placed to Europe’s five largest countries, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, between June 3-September 1, 2020. Hiya’s call protection models determined these calls were suspicious based on known patterns of Wangiri calls.

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See the latest analysis on the world's most prevalent phone scam.
Some of the insights from the report
  • Two European countries, Spain and Switzerland, account for 15% of all suspicious calls during this time period

  • All five countries analyzed saw major single-day spikes on June 10, June 29, and July 13
  • A total of 176 different countries originated calls suspected to be the Wangiri scam, showing the impressive internationalization of phone fraud

  • Despite the common perception that these scam calls come from far away, a surprising portion comes from neighboring countries.