Hiya helps speed up UK COVID-19 vaccine rollout and contact tracing

People tend to ignore calls from unknown numbers, but branded calls have proven to increase answer rates and make calling operations more efficient. Hiya is offering its Hiya Connect Branded Calls service at no cost to UK organisations responsible for Covid-19 vaccination scheduling and contact tracing. This initiative is designed to help speed up the Covid-19 response by reaching more people over the phone.


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  • Hiya Connect is able to display the name, logo, and a call reason (e.g. "COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling") on incoming calls on millions of phones in the United Kingdom

  • There is little to no work required to get started besides giving the go-ahead


  • Hiya is offering to make this service available at no cost through 2021 to UK organisations responsible for scheduling COVID-19 vaccines or Covid-19 contact tracing.

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