See the top trends and insights on the voice call in 2021

This is the most comprehensive report we have ever produced, combining our global data from more than 150 billion calls processed in 2020 with third party market research from more than 300 businesses and 2,000 consumers. Businesses across all industries and carriers throughout the world can use the data and insights included in this report to improve their voice performance.

Below we have highlighted the top trends included in this year’s report. To dig deeper and learn more about the trends impacting the voice call, download the full Hiya State of the Call Report.


Download the State of the Call 2021 Report
Download the 2021 report to learn about these top trends, and more:
  • Voice traffic skyrocketed 184% in 2020 as consumers prefer voice over all other channels.

  • Spam and fraud calls continue to create a critical gap for businesses: 62% of consumers knowingly received a spoof call and yet only 38% of business knew they had been spoofed.

  • Unidentified calls are going unanswered 94% of the time. Customers are missing important calls and business results are declining.
  • Businesses prefer the voice channel as a means of communicating with customers above all other channels.

  • When calls are coming from a financial, insurance, or healthcare organization, consumers prefer the voice call over all other methods of communication, including text, instant messaging, email, and more.

  • In addition to professional communication, people prefer voice calls for personal communication more than text, chatting, email, or any other way.