State of the Call 2021 Impact Report - Healthcare

In 2020, the healthcare industry was no stranger to the spotlight. As the pandemic took hold, healthcare providers and patients alike found the world upended in ways never imagined, as many struggled just to keep themselves healthy. Communication between providers, insurers, and patients became more important than ever, and a heavy reliance on the voice channel took hold.

With the increase in phone usage also came an onslaught of fraud calls and phone scams; this rise in spoofers caused calls about medical appointments and follow-ups to go unanswered due to the loss of confidence in unidentified calls. 

This report explores key trends impacting the healthcare industry's ability to provide consumers with the best experience possible. 

Download the report to learn more about following findings:
  • Healthcare organizations have become increasingly reliant on the voice channel and believe it to be critically important to their businesses.

  • While the voice channel thrives in the healthcare vertical, it gives way to an increased opportunity for spam, fraudulent calls, and spoofing.
  • The increasing lack of trust and declining answer rates are negatively impacting key success metrics for healthcare companies. 

  • Healthcare organizations believe that fraud calls are a tremendous threat to their businesses and well being of their customers.