State of the Call 2022

The voice channel is fluid and dynamic, and shapes so much of our daily lives.

This is why, each year, we produce our State of the Call reporta comprehensive study that combines our global data from more than 150 billion calls processed in 2021 with third-party market research from more than 1,800 businesses and 12,000 consumers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Spain. Our hope is that businesses will use the insights included in this report to improve their voice performance.

To dig deeper and learn more about the trends impacting the voice call, download the full Hiya State of the Call 2022 Report.


Download the State of the Call 2022 Report
Download the 2022 report to learn about these top trends, and more:
  • 94% of consumers think unidentified calls are fraudulent. 

  • Consumers received an average of 144 spam calls last year—58% of which were fraudulent. 

  • 41% of customers prefer a phone call to resolve customer issues. 
  • When customers don't answer, business performance suffers. 

  • A majority of consumers received a fraudulent spoof call—one where the caller was impersonating a business. 

  • Businesses still prefer the voice channel as a means of communicating with customers above all other channels.