State of the Call 2024: Canada

With 94% of Canadians reporting that they believe unidentified calls are fraudulent, businesses struggle to reach customers and prospects on the phone. Our annual State of the Call report identifies the top trends, challenges and recommendations for the voice channel across major markets. In this report, we dig deeper into the impact of spam and fraud calls on the Canadian market.

Insights in the report come from the analysis of billions of calls  across the Hiya network and an independent third-party survey of more than 2,000 Canadian consumers, 300 Canadian workers who use a phone, and 100 Canadian IT and security leaders. The report highlights the impact to consumers and businesses, and offers recommendations to protect and build a strong reputation across the voice channel. 

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  • What spoofing is

  • The difference between legal and illegal spoofing

  • How spoofing hurts your business’s bottom line
  • What the industry is doing to combat scammers

  • 3 Actionable steps to stop spoofing in its tracks

  • How Hiya Connect prevents impersonation and protects your brand