Special Report for State of the Call Summit 2023, a mid-year update

This special report, prepared for Hiya's 2023 State of the Call Summit in New York City, delves into spam call rates across the US, Canada, the UK, and globally in the first half of 2023, while also exposing prevalent phone scams across the regions and providing an overview of the rise of AI voice impersonation scams. Furthermore, the report offers insights into text-based scams with expertise from RealNetworks, which specializes in identifying SMS and MMS scams.

Download the State of the Call Summit Report
Download the phone spam overview in the first half of 2023 report to learn more about:
  • Around the world spam snapshot

  • STIR/SHAKEN and the rise of attestation
  • 15 different varieties of unwanted calls

  • How messaging attacks are evolving in 2023