Which Sales & Marketing Metrics are the Most Important?

Although they are distinctly different roles, the overlap between sales and marketing creates a variety of shared metrics. These metrics help with analysis and offer key insights into the operations of your voice channel. Your call center is the crux of your sales network, and it can only function if you can get your calls answered. Measuring the wrong metrics can slow down business growth and impede the progress of your marketing efforts.

At Hiya, we know that these challenges can seem insurmountable. However, with the help of our analytics and Branded Caller ID, we can help you get your calls answered. Download our Sales & Marketing Metrics eBook for more insights on how to connect with your customers.


In this eBook we'll go over:

  • The importance of building customer trust through the call experience. The more information you can provide the more likely you are to get your calls answered.
  • Specific metrics and how they point to KPIs. Investigate call abandonment rates, conversion rates, and a variety of closure metrics.
  • How to improve sales and marketing performance through customer engagement, training, and Branded Caller ID.