Sales Call Metrics That Matter

Both businesses and consumers unanimously prefer the voice channel over every other communication channel for business communications. And yet, consumers are being bombarded with rising fraud and robocalls, causing them to avoid answering their phones even when trustworthy brands like yours are trying to reach them. With this widening communication grab, it is essential to track a variety of sales call metrics to know where both problems and opportunities lie.

Download this ebook to learn 11 KPIs you should track to identify areas of improvement for your outbound call center performance, drive better sales agent productivity, and increase overall revenue for the voice channel. 

11 Key Call Center Metrics cover_Page_01 copy
Use this guide to find new ways to:
  • Optimize answer rates

  • Know how effective sales calls are at driving qualified leads and meetings

  • Minimize spam labels
  • What the industry is doing to combat scammers

  • 3 Actionable steps to stop spoofing in its tracks

  • How Hiya Connect prevents impersonation and protects your brand