Which Are the Most Important Metrics for a Contact Center?

As any contact center manager knows, simply hiring quality agents and setting up the right protocols is not enough. You also have to monitor agent performance metrics, ensure they have everything they need to do the job, and make adjustments that improve your team’s performance.

At Hiya, we help businesses improve their reputation, boost answer rates, and instill trust. All starting with branded calling. 


To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive ebook that covers the most important KPIs for call centers, so you can benchmark where you are, and where you want to go. 

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Download the ebook
Download this essential e-book to learn:
  • The importance of monitoring outbound contact center metrics

  • How to improve contact center performance

  • What the most valuable contact center metrics to optimize are
  • How to assess your company’s caller reputation

  • What metrics like first call resolution and contact rate are measures of

  • How Hiya Connect improves company reputation and authenticates outbound calls