Which Are the Most Important Metrics for a Contact Center?

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Contact centers are used by companies in dozens of different industries in order to help them grow their client base and deliver an outstanding experience. But, as any contact center manager knows, simply hiring quality agents and setting up the right protocols is not enough. You also have to monitor the performance of your agents, ensure they have everything they need to do the job, and make adjustments that improve your team’s performance.

At Hiya, we help businesses improve their reputation, boost answering rates, and instill confidence in their clients. Our team understands how agent-client relationships work, so know what metrics you need to monitor to get a pulse on your team’s output. To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive ebook that covers the most important contact center metrics.


Let’s take a look at the elements that define a contact center’s success and the information you can learn in our new ebook.

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The Most Important Elements for Call Center Success

Before delving into the metrics you have to monitor, it’s important to understand the elements that are essential to any call center’s success. While there may be other variables that affect how well your call center performs, the three things that all operations need to succeed are:


Call center managers need to be extremely organized and open effective communication lines with the departments they serve in order to deliver the best experience over the phone. For example, business managers that rely on call centers need to set the right expectations to ensure that there are enough agents to cover the projected number of calls that need to be made.

Motivated Agents

Having engaged and motivated agents will not only result in a better experience for clients, but it will also boost productivity.

Agents that feel appreciated pay more attention and are more confident whenever they interact with a caller, which can also increase the number of prospects that want to be contacted again.

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User Experience

Although it may seem like call centers can only train agents to deliver great customer experience, the truth is that consumers start interacting with a brand as soon as their phones start ringing.

In addition to training your agents, you also need to deliver a great experience as soon as you contact clients, for instance, identifying your company and the reason for the call.

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What Can You Learn from Our Call Center Metrics eBook?

In our call center metrics ebook, we’ll discuss the metrics that can help you assess your facility’s performance from a variety of angles. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Service quality
  • Customer experience
  • Agent productivity
  • Outgoing call reputation
  • Training opportunities and other areas of improvement
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Learn More By Downloading Our Call Center Metrics eBook Today

Establishing and managing a successful call center may be challenging. But, as long as you keep track of the right metrics, furnish your agents with the right tools, and create a great experience over the phone, you should be able to meet all your goals and exceed your clients’ expectations.

If you want to learn more about the best call center metrics for your operation, download our ebook or contact Hiya today and our team will be glad to help.