Branded Caller ID: Fact vs. Fiction

It can seem like there are lots of solutions out there that can provide a "branded call display" on the mobile phone. But are there? Let's dig into the world of Branded Caller ID and provide clarity on who, and what, can be displayed on mobile phones. And most importantly, who really controls what your customers are seeing.

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In the Hiya Customer Bill of Rights, we lay out what you should ask for in terms of accountability, transparency, and results from any branded caller ID service. These guiding principles are Hiya’s guarantee, as well as the industry standard best practices.

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3rd party registries vs. Voice Performance Platform

Industry Testimonials

Many business and contact center leaders sample different options to find the optimal one for their needs. Here’s what they have to say: 

A lead data scientist at a premier research institution trialed both Hiya and a call registration service provider who claimed to be able to deploy Branded Caller ID. 

“We did a trial with [redacted] and did not see any change in contact rates. In fact, metrics around spam indication became worse. Companies that claim to have complete carrier coverage do not work directly with the carriers on their spam and robocall protection and do not seem to have any real authority to control what customers see on a phone.”


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“We definitely saw a lift when it comes to Hiya. Over the course of a year, these increases could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.”

The director of the contact center at a major U.S. transportation company was not swayed enough to engage in a trial: 

“An ‘aggregator type company’ was suggested to us to evaluate. But why work with a third-party when I could employ [Hiya’s] Voice Performance Platform, where I know identity is having a major influence on what our customers see when we call.” 

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