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On-demand Webinar

The 2022 Budget Webinar: Increasing Investment in Your Call Center with New, Untapped Data

Data is your biggest asset when making a compelling business case for additional budget. With competing internal priorities and more opportunities than ever before to invest in alternate communication channels (like SMS, email and chat), comprehensive data analysis efforts are imperative in building your case for additional call center spend.

Join us on to learn about this data and how you can:

  • Utilize insights on your customers to optimize your contact strategy
  • Increase contact rates & quality connections
  • Get more budget for your call center


Chris Sorensen | VP of Sales, Hiya

Chris is an exceptional business leader who and has an uncanny ability to understand C Level executives and what drives them to take action. He has years of experience working with budget owners and procurement teams at companies like companies like Hiya,  Whitepages, and the University of Washington. Read more about him on LinkedIn

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