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Amid the rising noise of spam and fraud calls, businesses struggle to connect with prospects and customers on the world’s largest network. Hiya Connect has a complete set of tools to help you build trust with customers, brand your calls, and analyze your call performance to drive better results. 

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What’s Hiya Connect?

Hiya Connect is an innovative platform that delivers better answer rates and much more. By using Hiya Connect, companies can include their name, logo, location, and contact reason whenever they call a customer. Clients don’t even have to pick up to view this information because it’s presented to them right on the caller screen, which can help increase answer rates, positively affect engagement, and result in a higher number of quality conversions. Security and reputation are assured with Hiya Connect. And self-serve analytics are available right at your fingertips for insights that increase business outcomes.

Build Trust

We developed Hiya Connect to help give companies more control over their reputation and allow them to build stronger connections with their customers. There are many factors that affect the way your outbound numbers are perceived, like call frequency irregularities. Hiya can help you determine if your outbound calling numbers have a good reputation and take the necessary steps to remove any negative labels.

Businesses that use Hiya Connect can reduce the number of calls that get blocked, improve caller reputation ratings across carrier networks, and spoof-proof their numbers. 

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Avoid Fraud of Scam Labels

Almost all networks and user devices employ fraud or scam blocking features that help keep users safe. If one or more of your company’s numbers have a negative label, your calls won’t go through and your company representatives will have a harder time connecting with customers.

Implementing Hiya Connect can help ensure that your phone numbers don’t have any negative designations and that your business maintains a good reputation.


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Inaccurate Label Dispute

In some instances, phone numbers can get an unfair spam or fraud label due to inaccurate reports or a spike in call volume. Our team specializes in helping companies dispute these designations through an appeal process designed to give you more control over your reputation.

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Brand your calls

Consumers love companies that showcase their branding, so identifying calls and including business brands is a great way to increase answer rates.

Hiya Connect can help you take advantage of your brand’s power, emphasize your company name, and show clients where the call is coming from at the same time. This, in turn, translates to:

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Better Results

Businesses that have branded calls have a higher chance of reaching customers at crucial points, which can help improve connection rates and other key metrics.

It doesn’t matter if your contact center measures success by pick-up rates, user reach, or other variables, branding your calls will help you build stronger connections and yield better results.
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Happier Customers

Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to any outbound contact center. Happy customers are much more receptive and engaged, which can help your outbound team increase conversions across the board.

Hiya Connect enhances the way companies interact with their customers and allows them to build stronger relationships based on positive contacts.
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Higher ROI

The more calls your team has to make to get conversions, the lower your return-on-income (ROI). 

Fortunately, branding your calls is a great way to help your team connect with customers the first time, creating a tailored mobile experience that instills trust in your client base and makes your team’s job that much easier.
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Get Better Call Analytics

The Hiya Connect Console offers self-serve executive dashboards that show industry-standard KPIs, like answer rates, call attempts, and call durations. Make informed business decisions with better call analytics.

"We thought we would see a rise in answer rates by a percentage or two. We weren't expecting such a significant increase."

— Emerson Jacobelli, Director of Consumer Contact Center, Penske

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Daily Updates

Review analytics daily with data trending over time for timely comparisons and analysis.

Take Action

Get immediate insight into actionable steps to improve the call metrics that are important to your business outcomes. 


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