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On-demand Webinar

Customer Experience Innovations in the 5G era

A great customer experience is paramount to retaining subscribers and attracting new ones. With 5G abound, what opportunities are there to build better customer experiences or even invent new ones?

Join us for this panel discussion where industry insiders will share:

  • Insights from the challenges, changes, and opportunities the pandemic has presented 
  • What developments and trends they see for the voice call in the global marketplace 
  • What opportunities there are to innovate on the voice call experience as the 5G era presents a flurry of new innovations and technologies.


Cayetano Carbajo | GCTIO, Telefónica SA 
Jo Lindstad
Jo Lindstad | Head of VoLTE & Evolved Consumer Communication, Ericsson
Andrew Snead
Andrew Snead | Senior Managing Director, Delta Partners
Alex Algard | Founder and CEO, Hiya
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