Branded Caller ID: CNAM vs. Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform

It can seem like there are lots of solutions out there that can provide a "branded call display" on the mobile phone. But are there? Let's dig into the world of Branded Caller ID and provide clarity on who, and what, can be displayed on mobile phones. And most importantly, who really controls what your customers are seeing.

Join Hiya’s Chief Technology Officer Marcelo Calbucci as he explains how Caller Name ID (CNAM) technology is:

  • outdated

  • unreliable

  • and a black box

And how Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform (VPP)  is:

  • embedded in the call flow

  • fast and reliable

  • and provides detailed branded call delivery reporting.


In the Hiya Customer Bill of Rights, we lay out what you should ask for in terms of accountability, transparency, and results from any branded caller ID service. These guiding principles are Hiya’s guarantee, as well as the industry standard best practices.

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