Want to see how a branded call could impact your business?

94% of unidentified calls go unanswered. That number gets even worse if you have a spam label on that call. And for a valued healthcare partner, the difference between making a connection or not has a significant impact on the quality of patient care.

Don't let costly missed phone connections result in delays in patient care: patients failing to show up, subscribers failing to sign up and prescriptions failing to be picked up. Find out how how your calling operations could be improved by giving your call a name.

In a personalized call assessment, we'll look at the business outcomes that matter most to you and the metrics that could impact them. We'll look at the: 

  • Number of calls that can be influenced by Hiya's Branded Call
  • Percentage of your calls marked as spam in the last month
  • Current contact rates and call durations for these calls and how we can improve them!
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